Financial sector

Servicio Móvil offers an extensive portfolio of services tailored to suit our customers in banking, insurance and real estate sectors, aimed at optimising the different business processes with the help of widely-experienced professionals and cutting-edge technologies.

Services aimed at optimising processes, endorsed by highly qualified professionals and the sector’s most innovative technologies.


Financial BPM

  • Situation analysis of document management function
  • Definition of strategic plan
  • Definition of the model and policies
  • Standards and procedures
  • Definition and implementation of specific tools to the document management function
  • Analysis of business procedures and document mapping
  • Definition/implementation of tools: Functional and technological
  • Quality controls
  • Measurement of outcomes and adjustments

Business process outsourcing

  • Back office administration
  • Mailroom
  • Call centre
  • Judicial review of bank records
  • Service desk
  • Quality management

Document management services

  • Custody and management of paper and digital files
  • Digitalisation processes
  • Document purge processes
  • Migration of financial and real assets portfolio documentation
  • Audit of documentation related to financial and real assets
  • Steps necessary for file completion

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