The use of technology and new big data systems open up new horizons for the Healthcare sector, in a context marked by digital transformation, patient empowerment and the search for maximum efficiency in hospital logistics and management processes.


Our more than 25 years of experience managing medical records and logistics processes in the Healthcare sector endorses Servicio Móvil as a leader in Spain. We offer highly efficient personalised solutions aimed at optimising processes, traceability and access of highly confidential information in real time, the externalisation of administrative processes and the development of specific Healthcare management software.

Our more than 25 years of experience managing clinical documents and logistics processes in the Healthcare sector endorses Servicio Móvil as a leader in Spain




  • Specialised consultancy
  • Design and automation of stores/distribution centres
  • Logistics platform and distribution centre management
  • Large hospital moves
  • Intra-hospital logistics: transfer of messaging services, expendables, medicines, clothes, instruments, food, pharmacy and waste
  • Medical transportation: food, expendables, blood samples and linen

Information management

  • Document consultancy services
  • Document custody, organisation, management and processing
  • ICD-10 CM
  • Optimisation of Healthcare processes:
    • Patient communication platforms
    • Electronic informed consent solution
    • Electronic medical record solution
  • Data processing and digitalisation
  • Comprehensive information systems

Business process outsourcing

  • “Back office” and “front office” administrative process management
  • Claims services, service desk, customer service…
  • Correspondence management system, mailroom and mail dispatch


  • Consulting services
  • Healthcare management software development
  • Integration of solutions and information systems
  • Supply technological equipment to central warehouses or points of use
  • Cloud solutions – cloud computing

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