Industry sector

We offer our customers the opportunity to grow together by improving productivity, reducing operating costs and the possibilities offered by the sector’s cutting-edge technologies. We help companies externalise their business processes with completely customised projects which provide efficient optimisation of time and resources. Our aim? To reduce fixed costs, improve productivity and enable customers to focus on their respective core businesses.

At Servicio Móvil we are highly experienced in the fields of document and logistics management and BPO for the public financial sector, an expertise that affords us maximum efficiency in each and every project, with all of the security and confidentiality guarantees at every stage of the process. Always supported by the most innovative technology



  • Consultancy services, redesign, implementation and externalisation of logistics processes
  • In-house logistics
  • Management of promotional and accessory material for events, marketing action and SP activities
  • Automation of warehouse processes
  • Infrastructure extension: Large transfers
  • Logistics platform management, distribution centres and transportation to the customer
  • Turnkey projects

Information management

  • Document consultancy service
  • Document management
  • Digital transformation

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Back office and front office administrative process management
  • Call centre
  • Claims services, service desk, customer service…
  • Correspondence management, mailroom and mail dispatch


  • Consultancy services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Discovery
  • Development of customized software
  • Integration of solutions and information systems
  • Provision of technological equipment aimed at central warehouses
  • Cloud solutions – cloud computing

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