About us


At Servicio Móvil we are national leaders in integral logistics services, information management and business processes.


We offer our clients innovative and completely personalised solutions, providing the business know-how we have acquired throughout our professional career.


Our main mission is to optimally, securely and efficiently manage our customers’ business processes and assets, both in the private and public sectors, with the help of a highly-qualified professional team.

Why us?

Our solutions catalogue is aimed at accompanying our customers towards a shared growth scenario, where Servicio Móvil is responsible for all of the areas considered less critical from a strategic perspective, allowing them to focus on what is truly important: THEIR BUSINESS.


Furthermore, a relationship with a trusted partner such as Servicio Móvil has other advantages with a direct impact on our customers’ income statements:

Focus on the Core Business

Improvement in productivity and economic efficiency

Substitute CAPEX for OPEX

Reduction of operational risk

Access to cutting-edge technologies without the need for huge investment

Rise in the capacity to react and make decisions quickly

How do we do it?


Initiative and foresight


Continuous proactivity and improvement

Industriousness and passion

Quality and ethics

Our history

Ours is a story of family tradition, technological innovation and workforce.
The origin of what Servicio Móvil is today dates back to 1975, when the Castro Romero family began its business venture by offering removal services in the borough of As Pontes (A Coruña).


Over the following decades of growth and expansion, boosted by our founders’ entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, we have set ourselves up as leaders in document management and integral logistics in sectors as strategic as health, for example, where we manage more than 26 million medical records and provide logistical and support solutions in more than 150 hospitals.


We have made the digital revolution our own, adapting to new market requirements and applying all of our acquired know-how, firmly committed to technology and permanent innovation.

  1. Creation and expansion in the galician market

    Founding of the Company.

  2. Creation and expansion in the galician market

    Entry in the Healthcare sector. Custody of clinical records.

  3. Creation and expansion in the galician market

    Beginning of our hospital logistics activity.

  4. Expansion on a national level

    National expansion in records management and custody. Growth in Spain.

  5. Expansion on a national level

    Consolidation of our activity in large transfers (INE (National Statistics Institute), hospitals, museums…)

  6. National leader and expansion abroad

    Fidelis Servicios Integrales, S.L.U. was founded.

  7. National leader and expansion abroad

    Awarded the management of SERGAS’s (Galician Health Service) Logistics Platform. SM Tecnología was founded.

  8. National leader and expansion abroad

    Logisdoc Serveis Integrals, S.L.U. was founded in Catalonia.

  9. National leader and expansion abroad

    Awarded the management of health logistics platforms in Andalusia. SM Logística was founded.

  10. National leader and expansion abroad

    Beginning of investments in start-ups.

  11. National leader and expansion abroad

    Beginning of expansion abroad. Servicio Móvil Portugal was founded.

  12. National leader and expansion abroad

    Expansion in Portugal. TSM was founded. Participation in the capital of Cenker Robotics.

  13. National leader and expansion abroad

    Acquisition of X-Fragments in Portugal.

  14. National leader and expansion abroad

    Creation of Somede Suministros Hospitalarios. Creation of Biorepos. Participation in QBiotech. Acquisition of the Romanian company OMS.

The group

Servicio Móvil has widened its remit over the years in order to adapt to the market and guarantee its customers the best service possible.


In our quest for excellence, we have incorporated companies into the Group that provide us with greater flexibility and specialisation in business areas that complement our portfolio of services perfectly, especially in the technology field.


Servicio Móvil is recognised not only for its international quality certifications but also for its firm commitment to our team, our customers, the environment and society as a whole. At Servicio Móvil, we apply an Integrated Management System according to the ISO standards that certify our work.

Quality Management System according to UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard.

Information Security Management System according to UNE-ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

Verification of the National Security Scheme.

Verification of Carbon Footprint according to UNE-EN ISO 14064-1 standard, footprint recorded in the Register.

Environmental Management System according to UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard.

EMAS Verification.

Health and Safety in the Work Place Management System according to UNE-EN ISO 45001 standard.

RSC Management System according the IQNet SR10 standard.