International Presence

In the last decade, we have begun an internationalisation phase with the founding and launch of Servicio Móvil Portugal.


Through TSM Logística Hospitalar we apply all of the know-how acquired over more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector, adapted to the way in which Portuguese public administrations, our core potential customers, are run.


The process to internationalise Servicio Móvil began in 2011, when the company already had a foothold in Portugal, with logistics solutions within the healthcare sector as well as clinical information management, with a company from each area to develop each line of business:

International growth is a strategic commitment, as health is a global matter, and our view of focusing the effort of medical staff on patients is aligned to cover future expectations of fewer specialists treating a greater number of people, due mainly to higher life expectancy, among other factors.


The technological solutions developed, tested and proven, which give rise to important savings, as well as the work systems that allow greater specialisation, are exportable and adaptable to other markets, where we seek the creation of solid relationships with other companies in order to improve Healthcare.


We have recently entered the Romanian market by incorporating a Romanian company into the Group, within our commitment to European Healthcare, which could take as a partial model the existing one in Spain, of which we are participants and good connoisseurs.

Servicio Móvil is working on its growth in international markets, with the support of different organizations, aiming to become a leading actor in the development of a better global health system.